More from Madrid

I am really busy at the moment so I did not have time to upload pictures I had took in Madrid, way back in January. However I chose a couple of photos (which are my favourites) to upload here.


Madrid – The city that never sleeps (part 1)

This month I went for a short trip to the Spanish capital, Madrid. This city is really wonderful and you can rest assured that you can never get bored, since there is always something going on. Madrid is a really busy city and its streets are always full of people, especially in the evening and at night. Here are some of the first shots I took of this city. I loved its wonderful architecture and these first shots illustrate the detail of its architecture, which can also be appreciated at night with the magnificent lights used to illumate it.

What I have been up to

Well in the last few months I was really busy and I did not have time to post anything here. I have started a photography course as well at the Malta Photographic Society. Thanks to this course I started to explore new kinds of photography such as Portrait Photography. I managed to shoot a couple of good portraits in my opinion, even though my favourite subjects remain landscape and nature. Here are the best shots of October and November which you can also download as stock images from Dreamstime and Shutterstock.

Amazed at Shuttertock!

I have been trying to become a member of Shutterstock for a long time. Finally, after three attempts, my profile has been approved. Well this is how it works: in order to be approved you have to upload a first batch of 10 photos and if at least 7 of these 10 are approved than you can become a full contributor and can start uploading and thus selling. I have gone over this process for three times and each time my photos were not accepted I was really disappointed. On the first attempt only 3 out of 10 images were accepted, the second attempt I got 5 approved and the third I got only 4 images approved. And by the way a month has to pass after your batch is declined in order for you to be able to upload again! This week I was able to upload the fourth batch of photos and my hopes were not exactly high; I just wanted to give it a try! In less then 24 hours I received an email saying that 9 out of 10 images had been approved and therefore I was approved of a contributor. Unlike other stock websites, the images are evaluated in less than 24 hours (on other sites like Dreamstime sometimes it takes over 4 days!).

I was really happy when I saw this and I really couldn’t believe it! Furthermore, I was even more amazed when the same day my images were approved, one of my images has been downloaded and so I had my first sale! I am already deeply in love with Shutterstock! Below are the images which have been approved on Shuttestock:

The first photos with the new Nikon D5100

In the previous post I have explained that I had high hopes regarding the picture quality with my new DSLR and I am pleased to say that my expectations were brilliantly met! Below are the first shots I took with the new Nikon. I am really happy with their quality, especially the night shots since I can finally take some excellent shots at night without the use of flash and still get sharp and detailed images as you can see for yourself:

High Hopes

My new DSLR promises good since the first stock image uploaded on Dreamstime was approved straight away! The picture quality is exceptional and I am amazed at the difference in sharpness and the amount of detail. I hope that I can try my new Nikon D5100 to shoot night landscapes as this is the main reason for which I have bought it. I have high hopes and hopefully they won’t be turned down! Following is the first image taken with my new gear which has been approved for stock imagery. It’s a series of vintage stamps from Malta, since I used to collect stamps when I was younger (I had to stop due to lack of time). These stamps date back to the 1940s and 1950s, when Malta was still under the British empire.