Amazed at Shuttertock!

I have been trying to become a member of Shutterstock for a long time. Finally, after three attempts, my profile has been approved. Well this is how it works: in order to be approved you have to upload a first batch of 10 photos and if at least 7 of these 10 are approved than you can become a full contributor and can start uploading and thus selling. I have gone over this process for three times and each time my photos were not accepted I was really disappointed. On the first attempt only 3 out of 10 images were accepted, the second attempt I got 5 approved and the third I got only 4 images approved. And by the way a month has to pass after your batch is declined in order for you to be able to upload again! This week I was able to upload the fourth batch of photos and my hopes were not exactly high; I just wanted to give it a try! In less then 24 hours I received an email saying that 9 out of 10 images had been approved and therefore I was approved of a contributor. Unlike other stock websites, the images are evaluated in less than 24 hours (on other sites like Dreamstime sometimes it takes over 4 days!).

I was really happy when I saw this and I really couldn’t believe it! Furthermore, I was even more amazed when the same day my images were approved, one of my images has been downloaded and so I had my first sale! I am already deeply in love with Shutterstock! Below are the images which have been approved on Shuttestock:


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