DSLR upgrade

Finally I have decided to purchase my very first DSLR!! I have opted for a Nikon D5100 kit with 18-55mm lens. I really hope that I have made a good decision since I have spent quite a lot of money. At first I was not sure whether to buy this Nikon or a Canon EOS 600D since they are very similar. I am used to a fully articulated screen, since I own a Canon Powershot SX10 and I can say it is very practical in various situations, such as during shooting during concerts, macros of objects which lie on the floor, even when taking pictures using the tripod you don’t have to bend down. Therefore when I started toΒ  search for cameras which had this feature.

The Canon EOS 600D has a higher resolution, but on the other hand the Nikon has a greater choice of compatible lenses. For the moment I have opted for the kit lens, but in the future I intend to invest in some good wide angle lenses since my favourite subjects are landscapes. Now I am really eager to receive my very first DSLR and hope to get it before the weekend so that I can go out and test it out.


3 responses to “DSLR upgrade

  1. Hey there, followed your link from your profile in Dreamstime. I have been a Nikon fan for many years and when I read that you couldn’t decide on witch camera to buy, I had to try to give you a little “push” to the Nikon side.
    Hope you have a blast with your new camera!!

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