My first try at editorial images

This week I tried to upload my first images on and I am very happy because 3 of them were accepted and are now online. I tried to upload some images of past concerts I attended, and some of these photos were quite decent even though I was very far away from the stage. Taking photos during concerts and shows is quite difficult (unless you are an official photographer and have special permissions to go near the stage). Luckily my camera has a good optical zoom and although I was very far away I managed to capture some good shots in my opinion. I guess I managed to find the right balance between shutter speed and ISO since obviously flash in this case is useless. Moreover usually there are hands flying all over the screen and it is really difficult to press the shutter button at the right moment when there is nothing obstructing the view. Anyways here are the best shots I managed to take. The first image was taken in Malta during a concert of a popular maltese band Winter Moods in July 2010. The last two images were taken in Italy during the U2 360° concert in Turin.


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